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"Vale, vale, vale"- Why all the Spanish say this word?

¡Hola amigos!

I am sure you have heard many Spanish speakers say “vale”, actually we say it all the time, but what does “vale” really mean? and when can we use it? Let’s start with the pronunciation, as you may know in Spanish “v” is pronounced as /b/ , so you should pronounce it as /bahleh/.

How to use it?

“Vale” to agree, have a look to the example: - ¿Vamos al cine esta noche? – Shall we go to the cinema tonight? - Vale, ¿qué quieres ver?- Okay, What do you want to watch?

“vale” as an interjection, in the middle of a speech or a dialogue. - Voy a buscar una película de miedo … um, vale, hay una en el cine Maravillas. – I am going to look for a scary movie… um, okay, there is one in Maravillas cinema. Now that you know the meaning do not hesitate to add it in your Spanish vocabulary and use it as many times as you wish.

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