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Laura Wake,

General Spanish

Yaiza has taught me on and off for the past 2.5 years – initially in group lessons, and now on a 1:1 basis. Yaiza is always upbeat, positive, and transfers her energy into each of her lessons. She teaches in a confident and encouraging manner, enabling you to learn at the relevant pace and requirement of the lesson(s) in an informal manner. I can highly Hola amigos as a great way to learn Spanish!

Paul McAulay,

Skype lessons

I enjoyed a lot learning with Hola amigos. Pablo is an excellent teacher and his lessons are well structured, clear fun and usefull. I am still learning with him very Saturday and I hope I will  keep doing. 

Ralph Cabral,

Spanish for bussines

It has been great to spend one lunchtime each week for the past year learning a new language and Yaiza has been a big part of that! Fun lessons that go at the right pace, in a small group so there is an element of one-to-one training – highly recommend it!

Trish Kelly,

Private tuition

I completed several levels with Yaiza going from beginner to intermediate and I've definitely progressed both my written and improved both my written and speaking skills. I now have the confidence to speak Spanish on my visit to Spain. Yaiza's lessons are interactive and a great combination of learning while also having fun. More importantly, Yaiza also had the patience to take time and guide us through the more complicated areas of language. Yaiza es una profesora de Español fantástico!

Stuard Mason,

General Spanish

Las classes de Yaiza son informativas, fomentan la interaccion entre los estudiantes y son muy divertidas! Yaiza reconoce cada uno los estudiantes fortalezas y debilidades que le permiten ayundarle a ganar confianza. Disfrute aprendiendo espanol con Yaiza y recomiendo a aprender con ella!

Yaiza’s classes are informative, encourage interaction between students, and are most importantly fun! Yaiza recognises every student's strengths and weaknesses which helps you to gain confidence. I enjoyed learning Spanish with Yaiza and I recommend learning with her!

Liam Clapham,

Spanish for traveling

I learnt so much Spanish with Yaiza. She was really upbeat and attentive, and able to adjust her teaching style depending on the class. We also learnt about Spanish culture alongside the language. Without any hesitation I would recommend her as a tutor or teacher to anyone"

Martin ,

Private tuition

Yaiza is, by a wide margin, the best language teacher I’ve had the pleasure of studying under (and I’ve had multiple teachers in four different languages). She is able to find a strikingly fine balance in her teaching, making learning Spanish incredibly fun without trading in rigour.  Hola amigos should be your top choice if you are considering taking Spanish in London.


General Spanish

Yaiza is a fantastic Spanish teacher. She is friendly and supportive which is crucial when feeling nervous about learning something new. She made me feel really supported and as well as being super positive Yaiza really knows her stuff and will go out of her way to help you learn in a way that works for you. Ella es la mejor!!!


General Spanish

I started learning Spanish with Yaiza a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back. Yaiza’s classes are fun places to be and are always set at the right pace for the ability of the class. Learning a new language can be daunting but Yaiza makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience!


Empiezo aprender Español hace uno y media años con Yaiza. Sus clases son muy divertidas y educacional. Yaiza hace que aprender fácil y mi español tiene mejorado mucho!


Paul Hart ,

General Spanish 

I spent two years studying Spanish part time and reached level B1. There are many parts of the modules I attended that I remember vividly.

I remember the lessons at the beginning of a new tense very well, I am a visual learner and I often find diagrams, pictures and videos to relate to very helpful. The line going from now to the future or the past and then plotting where it fit along the line helped me to absorb where the words fit into the correct situation.

Most importantly the lessons I attended were fun and interactive. We played games, made presentations and we had a WhatsApp group where we could practise what we had learned. Another one of the activities I remember well when I was learning about the future tense was to read horoscopes. This equipped me with sources and materials I could use in my own time that I would find interesting and expand my language skills at the same time.

We learned many things about each other by performing many short interviews dependent on the topic. We described situations and facts about ourselves and things in our lives. We chose our favourite songs and movies in Spanish, and we were set homework to view short films then describe what had happened and express our opinions. The variety kept things interesting and we built an emotional attachment to the language that made it stick.

Ann Lee 

Spanish for traveling

I have been taking Spanish lessons from Yaiza for about 6 months.

I find her very patient, as I am a slow learner! But my understanding and conversation has improved, and I am feeling much more confident.

Yaiza has used several methods to help me, and the lessons are structured and fun.


Thank you Yaiza!

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